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Barbie Dolls are girls best friend. For a little girl, playing with toys seems natural and enjoyable too. She can even have her own Barbie house, play room, and such other accessories along with the doll. 

There are some fantastic types of Barbie dolls for the girls. These include Farm girl style Barbie, Red Carpet style Barbie, Campus Sweetheart Barbie doll, My Melody Doll, Kimora Lee Simons Barbie doll and many more. The Barbie doll has been designed to show that women can handle and accept a range of roles in their life. The Barbie doll has been sold with various titles like Doctor Barbie, Nascar Barbie and Miss Astronaut Barbie doll too.

However, even if there is a lot of criticism showered on the Barbie dolls, many girls still love these dolls as they take it to be their role model. The doll also has expanded its horizons with the changing times. Barbie dolls are available as a business woman, policeman, sportsman, girl draped in sari and many more roles.

Barbie is one of the best selling dolls in the world market. The concept of this doll was introduced by Ruth Handler, who is the creator of the Barbie doll. It was about fifty years or so for Barbie as an important part of the market fashion doll toys. As years passed there were many disputes and lawsuits on the concept of the Barbie doll and her lifestyle.

The full name of Barbie is Barbara Millicent Roberts and the names of her parents, George and Margaret Roberts from Wisconsin. Barbie doll also has some friends, namely Hispanic Teresa, Steven, Midge and Christie, who is African-American. There are various other toys with the Barbie doll that a girl can enjoy. These include domestic animals such as cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, a lion, a zebra and a panda. You can get a wide range of Barbie related vehicles, such as trailers, jeeps and convertibles. There are also a lot of clothes, accessories, hairstyles and makeup kits along with the Barbie doll.

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